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Yes!!! ALEX SPARROW has landed the lead role of 'Sacha' in the upcoming Vero 8 Pictures production of "PRIPYAT". Alex brings an immense arsenal of talent to this production making him the perfect caliber of ammunition for the dramatic role of 'Sacha'. Alex is an extremely talented Actor/Musician/Singer/Director and Producer.

"I knew that Alex was dangerously handsome and a gifted singer and musician. However; I didn't realize the depth of his acting ability until I saw a Russian film where he played a soldier in World War II and it brought me to tears (no subtitles). In addition; Alex posted a youtube video about 'being true' to yourself and it brought me to an unimaginable awakening of hope, love and positive change that we ALL can embrace ourselves with naked truth. It is for the reasons above that I decided to cast Alex and was more than excited when he accepted the role. Alex Sparrow innately understands the deep emotional underpinnings of dramatic acting and he brings an emotionally raw edge that is rarely seen or expressed."~Alicia Hayes.

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