"I try to capture the inner essence and emotional space of my subjects organically allowing the natural ebb and flow of each photo session to unfold  at its own pace.   I enjoy painting with light and anticipating the magic of each moment.  In the end I will intentionally create visual art that my clients will enjoy."


"Telling a compelling visual story with moving pictures is the ultimate in the creative process.  The opportunity to stir emotions, provoke thought and affect change through the film genre keeps me inspired frame to frame."


"I write, direct,  and edit the majority of the films I produce to ensure my creative vision.  However; more often than not, there are those magical moments on location when the actor, landscape and or props inspire me to move in a different creative direction which makes the scene come together in perfect harmony.  That is the creation process in motion and I am blessed to witness it on a continual basis.  In 2015, I established VERO 8 PICTURES; a production company powered by creative talents specializing in dramatic films, and music videos."


Painting is an art form that seemingly has a mind of its own.  With my canvas, paints and a brush, I am an audience of one and the sole participant in this particular creative process.  Classical or new Age music play loudly and I am seduced by the rhythm as it carries me to a creative space of elation and the process begins.  I allow myself to get lost in the work.  I don't want the journey to end, so I continue to paint non-stop for up to 2 days until the painting is finished.  Upon completion of each work, I sit back; exhausted, light a cigarette and drink a glass of wine and absorb the remaining moments of the creative high.  I look down at my hands and think ...did I really just paint this?  I realize that God is the artist and I'm but a glove.   It is a very personal and spiritual experience.  The emotion of it all is overwhelming.


Payne Talent NWA LLC

Bentonville, Arkansas


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