Alicia Hayes started in photography while working with notable celebrity Hollywood photographer Russell Einhorn who has photographed the Academy Awards, The Emmy's and numerous other award shows not withstanding his accomplished photography appearing in numerous publications including People Magazine while working with SPLASH NEWS.  Alicia gained powerful insight and a solid work ethic while collaboration with him in his Los Angeles studio.  She worked as a makeup artist and he soon noticed that she had a natural knack for composition and lighting.  Hayes would assist with wardrobe, styling, and makeup while learning all the basics of photography which lead to where she is today.  She credits Russell Einhorn for his faith and continued support in her career not only as a photographer but as and artist and filmmaker.


Head Shots

Black & White

Real Estate

The WHITE series

"When you paint with light, you are never in the dark."


Payne Talent NWA LLC

Bentonville, Arkansas


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